Ethical Leadership in Slovak Business Environment

Anna Remišová, Anna Lašáková, Ján Rudy, Rozália Sulíková, Zuzana Kirchmayer, Jana Fratričová

Ethical Leadership in Slovak Business Environment

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Vydavateľstvo:Wolters Kluwer
Rok vydania: 2016
Počet strán: 152
Väzba: brožovaná
Rozmer: 170x240mm
Jazyk: anglický
ISBN: 978-80-7478-981-6


This publication should be part of every manager´s library. It is a valuable source of information also for management students, as it helps them to prepare for discharging the managerial duties in terms of ethical leadership, the importance of which is increasing.

Recent financial and economic crisis has highlighted the significance and relevance of business ethics in the global context. The basic objective of authors was to find out which cultural and ethical factors influence managerial decision-making in the field of values-oriented leadership as a part of value-based management in the current Slovak business environment.

The monograph consists of three parts. The first part focuses on delineation of basic notions. The second part specifies the research objectives, content and subject as well as research methods and the way in which results are evaluated. The third part presents results of a questionnaire survey, which are instantly applicable in both domestic and international business environment and specifically in the management development. 


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